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def ubuntu_sso::main::LoginProcessor::__init__ (   self,
  use_libnotify = True 

Initialize the login processor.

Definition at line 54 of file main.py.

00054                                                        :
        """Initialize the login processor."""
        logger.debug("Creating a LoginProcessor")
        self.use_libnotify = use_libnotify
        if self.use_libnotify and pynotify:
            logger.debug("Hooking libnotify")
            pynotify.init("UbuntuOne Login")
        self.note1 = None
        self.realm = None
        self.consumer_key = None
        self.dbus_object = dbus_object
        logger.debug("Getting configuration")
        self.config = get_config()

    def login(self, realm, consumer_key, do_login=True):

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