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def ubuntu_sso::auth::AuthorisationClient::connection_established (   self,

NetworkManager's state has changed, and we're watching for
   a connection

Definition at line 320 of file auth.py.

00320                                            :
        """NetworkManager's state has changed, and we're watching for
           a connection"""
        logger.debug("Online status has changed to %s" % state)
        if int(state) == NM_STATE_CONNECTED:
            signal_match, description, store = self.saved_acquire_details
            # disconnect the signal so we don't get called again
            # call the real acquire_access_token now it has a connection
            logger.debug("Correctly connected: now starting auth process")
            self.acquire_access_token(description, store)
            # connection changed but not to "connected", so keep waiting
            logger.debug("Not yet connected: continuing to wait")

    def acquire_access_token(self, description=None, store=False):

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